Take Your Butt Outside


Under the Tobacco Tax Act, unless otherwise authorized, it is against the law to buy, possess or distribute any quantity of illegal cigarettes or any other untaxed tobacco product.  These products are illegal tobacco.

How to Identify Legal Cigarettes

Legal cigarettes are identified by:

  • Federal stamp with the letters "ON" and a yellow background colour.
  • Purchase price that is more than $55.00 per carton.
  • Cigarettes sold in clear, plastic bags are illegal.


Did You Know?

Ministry of Finance investigators and inspectors seized 189 million illegal cigarettes, 1.7 million untaxed cigars and 58.9 million grams of fine cut tobacco between April 1, 2008 and March 31, 2012.

Since March 2006, penalties assessed against those violating the Tobacco Tax Act total over $21.6 million.