Take Your Butt Outside

The Smoke-Free OntarioAct prohibits smoking in any enclosed workplace, including work vehicles.

If you are experiencing exposure to second-hand smoke in your workplace:

  • Determine if the smoking is illegal under the Smoke-Free Ontario Act.
  • If the smoking is illegal, speak to employees, management, your Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee or contact your local Public Health Unit.
  • If the smoking is legal, but is affecting people in your workplace, speak to emoloyees, management or your Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee about restricting smoking beyond the Smoke-Free Ontario Act.  Ask for an internal policy for smoke-free entrances, a designated smoking area away from the workplace or smoke-free property.


It is illegal for an employer or person acting on their behalf to dismiss, discipline, suspend, penalize, intimidate or coerce any employee who has sought enforcement of the Smoke-Free Ontario Act