Smoke-Free Ontario Act


 It is illegal to smoke inside any building, structure or vehicle that an employee uses during their work.  All covered areas must be smoke-free at all times.  This includes work vehicles, loading docks, trailers, garages, construction sites and covered entrances.

Employers may choose to accommodate employees who smoke by providing a smoking shelter outdoors.  A smoking shelter, if covered by a roof, can have no more than two walls.

Workplaces can make their own internal policy banning smoking from entrances or exits, or designating a specific outdoor area for smoking to protect the health of employees, customers and visitors.  If a business implements this type of internal policy, they are responsible for its enforcement.  

The full Smoke-Free Ontario Act can be found here.


Smoking in an enclosed workplace or work vehicle 



Allowing smoking in workplace or work vehicle = $300

Having an ashtray in an enclosed workplace = $300

Failing to post No Smoking signs in workplace = $200

Failing to ensure employees comply = $300 


For more information about the law or to register a complaint about a business or workplace not in compliance with the Smoke-Free Ontario Act, contact us by clicking here.